July 08, 2013

no 45

they talk about marijuana most of the time, like how fast they got stoned with different types of weed, or the stupid things they did or said when they were high. all i could do was smile sincerely and laugh because it was really funny - really. then they asked me, "what about you?"

i said i cant really tolerate the feeling when the thing got into my system. i said how come you guys can get so wasted laughing shits and all because all i could feel is the serious headache. like somebody is pounding my head with a mortar except it's not the literal. i said i just felt really heavy and sleepy and my boyfriend said dont fall asleep because you'll get dizzier after that.

they asked me whether i fall asleep, i said no. because my boyfriend tried really hard not to make me sleep, he told me funny stories and played trippy songs so i could feel trippy. they said did your boyfriend not high that time, i said of course he did. he was with me.  they said wow if i was your boyfriend i would just let you get into your own head.

and then i said, "well clearly he's trying to protect me."

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