August 12, 2012

A Call For Help

What number should I dial?
Who should I talk to?
For this heart and mind cry
And these eyes too.

I'm an alien at my own place
Shattered by my own race
Because I can't keep up the pace
They ripped the smile from my face.

Help! Please somebody help
I don't demand anything much
Just and ear and maybe a heart
To stop my inner blood rush.

I'm lost in this desert of life
No shelter when sandstorms come
Alone I walk and I walk around
Laughing and crying with the moon and sun.

written on February 1st 2008


Edy said...

Hello, Thank you for calling our Customer Service Line. This is your friendly operator speaking. How may I assist you?


intan.maisarah said...

kata kata di atas , kebetulan kena pada perasaan aku sekarang