April 26, 2012

no 34 untitled

i was sipping the oolong tea i ordered approximately 6 minutes ago when i saw a really beautiful woman walked in the cafe. she was very pretty, wearing a lacey pastel pink dress, with a brown oxford shoes. her hair was slightly brownish, long and straight. she has that dolly typed of face. she carried along some thick books on her arms and she was alone, i assumed since she was, alone. 

i pretended that her beauty doesn't affect my focus towards my tea so i quickly sipped the tea back as if i was not looking at her since the first step she made in front of the door. but i know she knew i was looking at her. i think it was clearly written on my forehead that i was actually not looking. i was observing. she carved a warm smile to me and she went towards the table next to mine. she sat on the chair behind me and i absolutely lost a part of my senses to her sweet vanilla fragrance.

this woman really got me thinking: what is her name? what typed of perfume does she wears? is she originally has that straight hair? and questions kept listing. i added one tiny cube of sugar into my tea and i stirred it real slow. i heard the sound of her flipping the pages of one of those thick books and sometimes i heard her giggled. and then her cellphone rang.

i stirred my tea.


her voice was so gentle.

"iya ini Ananda"

oh so she is an Indo, i told myself.

"iya. jadi wedding dressnya udah siap? ok saya ke sana. mungkin dalam 30 menit saya tiba lagian saya di Ampang ni sekalian mahu jemput fiancee saya. ok daa". and she hung up the call.

she packed her books and her things. she walked quickly passed me towards the door. she stepped out of the cafe and slowly her figure vanished from my sight.

i stopped stirring. her sweet smell still lingers.


Edy said...

Nani, kau nak sebarkan sentimen lesbianism ke kat sini? Hahahahaa. Kidding :)

Anyway, piece ni best.

Oh, sweet Amanda <3

Eli Jay said...

without lies there will be no story ;)

Siti Zafira said...

My God.. Your beauty piece was beyond measure!