November 10, 2012

My love for you

how can i describe my love for you ,
you are the special one ,
you are my spirit , my love , my life ,
you also my angel .

I don’t want any life without you ,
i cant imagine any days without your smile ,
i never want to open my eyes without your touch ,
i will always loving you , loving you ,
till the end of my life .

you are my strength ,
always here by my side ,
in any situation , you come to me ,
with your amazing smile ,
that can throw all my sadness .

I wanna to thank you ,
for all the things that you give to me ,
for all the love that i felt ,
you guiding me from all the ways that were wrong .

without you what would my life be ,
for you i sacrifice , for you i give my life ,
anything just to be with you ,
ohh , i love you soo much .

my beautiful mother , i love you with all my heart .
thank you for bringing me into this world .

by : Nor Azureen

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