September 06, 2011

no 22 sadly it seems

sadly, we changed little by little, every single day. 
sadly, each one of us realized it but let it, thought it's just the feelings' astray. 
sadly, we yelled at each other, knowing it would hurt us, hoping it would made us feel better.
sadly, we nourished the hatred towards each other.
sadly, there's no more pujuk and anje anje.
sadly, mwa mwa became a word that means nothing.
sadly, i love you turned out to be something...hollow.

sadly, it hurts.


Ren Razali said...

"... but something teaches us something, there is more to live."

ELIJAY said...

true (: missya bro!

Ren Razali said...

I've been wanting to write here again though...

Edy said...


You need to send your email to the admin, bro. I already told them about your eagerness to come back. Seriously, we need your pieces here. I don't want SSS to lose one hell of a talented writer.

Edy said...

oh, miss Hanani, sorry 'bout that.
~How insolent I am not to say any word to this awesome piece of yours.

Well, it's awesome.

No matter how 'sad' the feeling is, it's still awesome. Hahahaaa!~

ELIJAY said...

hahaha thanks edy :D