March 14, 2011

C o u p l e t s

this is part of the list

the way you stand waiting on the line
gleam with your shirt colored carmine
your fake smile with the cute face
catch me while you in my embrace

our lunch that we have on the afternoon
with your favorite meals ; definitely boon
the game we had at our usual place
stunned the people around hence

this list i made since you step in there
with the bright light of white ; as love
the picture of it as the base of our care
and i'll be the man that no one can remove

you and i always be away
but we would not be astray

with this we will coexist

even new word been created, but it still wont express the heart~


Edy G-Minor said...

oh my~

look at that. our friend go for english poem now, aye? good for you?

keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

hahaa. feeling lah, D. tetiba rasa. ikut je jalan rasa. :)

mungkin lepas ni, bhasa sarawak pula ke. hahaa. :p