November 16, 2011

Used To

I used to Iman. 
If i could delete all the memories
I will do
But I can't and i don't know how
How hard I try to wake up at the early morning
Without your call and your voices
How hard I try to keep smiles 
Without you as my happy pills
How hard i try to go on my days
Without you....

People easy to says
Move on, move on
Buy they don't know what we have gone through
for only 1 month
It was only 1 month before it was end. 

And now
I myself will try hardest to move on
I know
I already repeated this thing more than twice
But it never worked

you used to called me by that name
u chosen and not me
I hope
even without me in you life
it's still a nur to lightning your night
just remember 1 thing
no matter how hard you try to make yourself
click with her
please do love her like she do
I know she do really love you

if you cannot stand it anymore
comeback to me
you know right
i'm always here
waiting for you


sound stupid
but yes
i will try to moved on

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