November 25, 2011

no 31 he had such quiet eyes

There was once a lady who made a wrong decision.

The day she laid her eyes on his was the kick start for her doomsday. She could never of such angelic posture especially those quiet eyes would eventually destroy her trust and hopes. To her, those quiet eyes were sad and sorrowful that rendered her to care.

When she met that man, he seemed to be Mr. Nice Guy. He handed over his hand with such a warm smile carved on his face. For a stranger who was so gentle like him, it was insolent for her to not shake his hand, she thought. She let this stranger to come into her life and be a part of it with never considering that this man might just want to have fun.

The days she spent with this man was full of magic, she said. She never felt this happy to ride a Mary-Go-Round. She never felt this full to eat beef burger and potato fries. She never felt this satisfied to solve a Sudoku puzzle. It was like magic. Once she thought if this man was a wizard. Another Harry Potter, perhaps. But he was not. He was just an ordinary man, with ordinary height, ordinary broad shoulders, ordinary hair but extraordinary eyes. As if those eyes were hallows.

Then the days turned to months then turned to a year.

This man thought she was a puppet. A Barbie he could toy with. It was a fool of her to surrender everything she had – body, mind and soul, to him. When she always convinced herself that this man is the man, she forgot who she really was. Who does she think she was? To predict the future like she had a clue. God doesn’t disclose His plans that easy, you know.

The man then changed his personality. From a Mr. Nice Guy to Mr. Bring-Her-Down and eventually to Mr. Liar. Ironically, those quiet eyes were devilish, with unspoken motive. She then realized that she was manipulated, deceived and ‘swindled’ when this man left without any hesitation or signs. This Alice realized she was not in Wonderland anymore. How can she be attracted to tuxedo-wearing rabbit that was actually a wolf?

And only then she knew that she should listen to the advices given to her. Now she lost in this ‘Monopoly game’, with all her property pawned without even her realizing. And to start from scratch was no harder than dying. What more can she say? Those quiet eyes, those diamond-embellished eyes… 

How grateful would she be if she could turn back time. 

*my article for SM Teknik Perdagangan school magazine


Siti Zafira said...

The storyline electrified me. A good read that I enjoyed.

Muchas gracias joven.

Edy said...


Maju la nani ;)

Eli Jay said...