November 30, 2010

God loves us all.

when there's darkness surrounding,
when everyone were so far away,
when life turns out to be a total nightmare,
when it's almost easy yet it can't be done.

when world fools us and made us victims,
when life is a total fiction,
made us felt we're buried alive,
where earth swallows our screams,
"Save me!"

Insanely some believed God hates us,
Dear God, show me the way,
He let us feel our second heartbeat,
and let us find the strength of the world.

seize the day while you're still living,
make each of it a little piece of heaven,
for heaven shall arrive if we fought hard,
just as a gunslinger needed in a brutal war.

p/s: batubata poem aku. siapa yang boleh detect? :P


Edy G-Minor said...

undetected sis. undetected.

somehow, poem ni ditulis cuma berdasarkan abstrak rasa. konkritnya ada bila sudah terbaca. dan itu lagi keras dari batu-batanya.

Anonymous said...

poem aku keras?

itu tanda penulisan sajak sambil telinga mendengar Avenged Sevenfold. jadi batu-batanya tentulah judul lagu yang keras. hohoho. :P