November 26, 2010


he crept in silence,
he moved along the dark,
slowly burying himself in the cold sand,
where the atmosphere fiercely blazed.

carefully waiting for her,
he patiently kept an eye on the world,
calculating the moment,
for a sudden strike of her death.

fangs buried in her flesh,
his venom moved in her veins,
veins that felt warm to his mouth
and to his eyes he showed pleasure.

she choked and gasped,
and was forced to inhale salty air,
inside her everything collapsed,
unable to support her no longer.

he took her in with joy,
satisfied with what he'd done to her,
as he watched her become powerless,
in his total control.

she was unable to recover,
she was destroyed,
teary eyes could no longer she bear,
her mouth closed and opened for more air.

a pain she felt in her heart,
she knew his poison worked from the start,
from the day she gave her murderer a gift,
a gift which was priceless beyond anything..

is a gift of love.

p/s: dah lama tak tulis poem.


Edy G-Minor said...

my god !
aku ingat vampire mane la tadi.

beautifully wrote. serius.

Ren Razali said...

sadistically beautiful.

Anonymous said...

edy g minor, thanks yew. yeah, aku vampire. haha.

ren razali, thanks :)

Norisah said...

fuh, tersentap
sedang terjadi pada diri sendiri.
a vampire bite me :(