November 30, 2010


when you are waiting for someone
for the whole week
and when he's come back just for an hour
and you're not there 

when you're are always remember the sweets moment 
between you and him
and always pray for his happiness 
always ask to Allah to always blessing him
now and forever
when he never know about it
and when he start to said you're not love him anymore
and when he start to saying the words that 
hurt you so much
and when

you're sick enough with all this
but you're still want to go through with this situations

you are still 


cause he's you happiness



Norisah said...

sakit tapi berbaloi...
tgk org yg kita sayang bahagia :)
tak mengapa asal diri sendiri derita

mellyana sara said...

yerp. itu yg saya rasa sekarang. =)

Epul Azimi said...

senyum itu bisa menngubah dunia...:)

Anonymous said...


senyum senyum dan senyum.

mellyana sara said...


Norisah said...

takpelah sakit sekarang, Insya Allah akan bahagia di kemudian hati :)
sabar yg paling utama

camar putih said...

mell :)

mellyana sara said...

thanks kawan2. =) no matter what happend in my mlife, between me and him... i'll keep smiling cause he's my happiness...