October 13, 2010

Another You

started out as head class,
soon to be an enemy,
yet as clear as glass,
we stored a feeling to hide.

we got closer and closer,
our skeletons were out,
out from their housing closets,
and yet we still love,
secretly, and silent for long.

Until you,
gave me a heart to hold,
but i am dumb and numb,
i gave you mine too,
but not much awareness to come,
i had crushed your heart,
into pieces,
slashed it with a mighty sword
called words.

Now You,
are gone,
gone to heal your wounds,
carved by me.

to heal yours,
you took mine.
and with me there's nothing left.
i can't love anyone else.
there's only you.
and i do hope for another you. www.tips-fb.com


mellyana sara said...

nice. ;)

Edy G-Minor said...

title ni mengingatkan aku kepada CROMOK. nice poem though !

Anonymous said...

inspirasi memang time tu
another you- cromok tengah berdentum2 dari headphone gantung kat leher.

Edy G-Minor said...

cuba I Belong To You pulak. tgk poem camana akan kau buat. ehehe.

Anonymous said...

i belong to you sapa punya? :D