January 01, 2011

You Ain’t Stupid, Dear

No dear, you ain’t stupid. You just ignorant. You gave your trust to all the lies those jerks were telling you. You are ugly indeed. Outside and inside. You can’t just flip that ugly side of yours, ‘coz you don’t have any beauty left in you. Even when you came to me with your tears bursting out, I’m not buying it anymore.

As I said earlier – you ain’t stupid. You just ignorant. So go read some medieval books, get cultivated and get smart for real. Next time, I won’t be around to listen to any of your sad stories. And certainly, no more crappy advice from me, ever again. I just can’t stand the way you let yourself being tricked in such a pathetic way.

Oh, yes dear. I know you’ll just ignore this one, just like any other advice I’m giving you all this long.


Siti Zafira said...

very nice - some words of advice (in my opinion).

Edy G-Minor said...

to be honest, this is not actually an advice. it's just a piece of unsettled rage i'd like to express. but, if you take it that way, then perhaps the message are clear enough to convey. thanks for the comment zafira. really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

are telling your point of view or some other girl's point of view?

Edy G-Minor said...

anon :

how subtle is the point of view in u'r eye? but, yes. it's clearly comes from my point of view. am i being unfair? well, i dare not say.


Ren Razali said...

ironically beautiful.

Edy G-Minor said...

thanks ren ;)