September 27, 2010

too late

don't play with my heart are killing me cruely...can you realize it?
stop it sweetheart...enough..i dont want to play this game anymore..
please...let me go...i need are such a greatman but im nothing is it?
between us 
there is a gap and i cant cross it alone... i can't....

if you love me better u tell me otherwise you are too late 
and by that time don't put your fingers on me
i already reminds you

*if i can reverse my time to 6 months ago i hope you are the one who will always protecting me from the sky till the end and i will not fated to be aloner anymore...but it's too late just too late...we are strangers now...we are same but we aren' so sorry...if we are meant to be..then we will be together...if not...then i will deteling you from my memory and replace it with a new items in it...i will~ even it's hurting me...promise you...that i will~!*

people said,
the one you love is not the one will love you back
but i said
the one you love is the one you will be hate someday
am i right?


karok said...

love / hate

whuts luv?
luv is d 1 dat make d world go around.
luv is a sweetest joy in a deepest pain. love can cheer u up and a luv can turn u dumb. make u forget where u at and where u came from...

carilah kau cinta
fahami maksudnya bagai rupa wajah siulan si anak dara...

di rembat dari lirik lagu GSC secara melulu.
namun masih boleh nyanyi dgn riang.=)

Camellia said...