September 23, 2010

.....twisted mind dellusion.....

free ur mind from the mental slavery
goin against the flow, takes a lot of bravery
break dat cycle it's not ease, aint safety

dont go down wit babylon coz it would be a tragedy
army killin more blood fillin wuz part of the policy
dont be fooled by the so called democracy

either world is run by a bohemian aristocracy
those world society is full of hypocracy
full of red tip coz dat wuz beaurocracy

let the minority they juz rule majority and stealing ur mind for the sake of inferiority
whut make u win by ruining this authority???

credit to : KAROK


karok said...

tme kasih byk3 pd mell.... kerana sudi menghabis mase utk sayer. mell kool.....=)

Camellia said...

hahaha! sokay~ aku ngah takde keje ni. ;) x der hal la bro~

karok said...


camar putih said...

macam ni karok kena belanja kita semua nih..kena buat reunion :D

karok said...

alamak. klau kne blanje kopak la karok.... kesian karok.